Monday, April 27, 2009

Lest We Forget...

Interesting how many in our country would just as soon forget that awful day ever happened.

I'd like to forget it too, but for different reasons.

See the new House GOP ad about Guantanamo Bay
(or watch it to the right of your screen)

As much as the left would like to rewrite history, they're finding it quite difficult to do so when it comes to 9/11/01. We were there. We remember. 


third rock from the sun said...

I just wanted to ask all of you to pray for Carrie Prejean ( the runner-up in the Miss USA pageant). She is standing up for traditional marriage.

Perez Hilton (one of the judges), as you might know, asked her a question about how she felt about Vermont being the fourth state (following lil ol Iowa...can you believe it?) to legalize gay marriages. She answered it with a disclaimer that she didn't want to offend anyone, but that she believes as she was raised, that marriage is for a man and woman. All she did was speak from her heart and state her opinion. Isn't this America at it's finest. Freedom of speech?

Perez Hilton (bet Paris loves his pen name being so close to hers) retorted that Carrie was not the best one to win because she did not represent all Americans.

I believe Carrie Prejean represented Perez Hilton and all Americans more than he would like to admit, because she stands for ALL of 'free' Americans, in that, she stood up for what she believed in.

Matt on the Today show suggested that she hold her fire until after her reign as Miss California. But why is it considered "fire" when one states a simple belief and opinion. By her wanting to protect the sactity of marriage, that is considered "fire"? Unbelievable. Let's not forget who threw the fireball first. Perez Hilton called her a dumb b---- on his website and a BBC politician threatened her. I have often heard that freedom isn't free. We aren't free anymore if our beliefs can be shackled and bullied into silence. By not riding the fence with a 'politically correct' answer and, instead, exercising her freedom, she gave up her rights to the Miss USA crown.

All is not lost though, because her crown awaits her in heaven, I'm sure.

Please pray for her protection and strength, as she battles this firestorm of opposition in our behalf. It is so funny that Perez Hilton and his community, who scream tolerance the loudest, do not have any themselves.

It was no accident that Carrie's hand reached into that 'pot of questions' on that stage and pulled out that precise gay marriage question.


ps...I have tried several times to send this and each time, the server won't 'send' if you receive was not by a simple "SEND" came to you with a struggle. I am typing it again and not spell checking it and see if it goes through.

Tami said...

third rock,

I'm so sorry you experienced trouble sending!! not sure why that was. We have been on vacation for a couple of weeks, so we are just now getting back and into the swing of things. I am so glad you thought to share this with us. We do need to lift this young lady up in our prayers-what a bold thing she did.

Like you, I believe it was no accident that she pulled that question from that pile. God gives us unique opportunities, and this was her moment, I believe. Her moment to stand for what is right. We join you in applauding Carrie for representing ALL Americans by exercising boldness and her God given right to free speech in expressing her honest opinion.

I am certain God will RICHLY bless her for having the guts to take a stand. We would do well to learn from her example and follow in her footsteps.