Sunday, April 12, 2009

Confirmed: The Obama Department of Homeland Security's Hitjob On Conservatives IS REAL

See this link to read the story.


Silent_Majority said...

I would like to say I am surprised but that would be disengenuous. They have been attacking conservatives since the begining of the campaign. They will not stop as long as our message poses a threat (The truth is always a threat). Thanks for putting the information out there.

Tyler said...

Umm..the report is based on right-wing extremist, not conservative voters or activist. The report clearly suggest that the election of Barack Obama could've angered right-wing white supremacist, not an everyday conservative. I guess you are also forgetting that the Obama administration also initiated a report on left-wing extremist also at the end of January, Michelle Malking seemed to forget I guess.
God Bless,

Tami said...

Ummmm, wrong Tyler. Read the report.