Friday, August 12, 2011

Sarah on Hannity at the Iowa State Fair

Tonight, Sarah was on Fox News with Sean Hannity, just in time for the Republican Straw Poll that takes place tomorrow at the Iowa State Fair. Sarah is always enthusiastic, but something seems to have changed...listen, and tell me what you think.
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Marfa said...

I think she's REAL...knows that there are a lot of conservatives who support her, but also many liberals who would never vote for her, and moderates who have just heard the media's negative dish on her and believe maybe she's just wondering if it's worth it, and as she said how it's going to impact HER family.

Now I'm curious...what do YOU think has changed about her?

Tami said...

Hey Marfa-
I sense an energy that I haven't sensed before, even during the '08 campaign cycle. I think she's seriously considering a run...and I'm confident that once Americans of all political persuasions get to know her true record, they're going to love her. Have you seen The Undefeated?

Patrick said...

I think the only 'run' she's contemplating is the continued run on the pocketbooks of folks who still support her (after all her "I'm still thinking about it" wishy washiness).

It's not responsible to have people holding on this long so that she can still think about it.

The way she pops up at inopportune times (Romney's announcement, Iowa straw poll) says to me she just wants to remain in the limelight so she can collect her big checks for appearances.

There are alternatives to Sarah. Don't be used.

Marfa said...

I have not seen The Undefeated...but will look for it. I am glad to hear that's what you think...that she's got a PASSION and will put all into it, once she decides. I do love her!