Wednesday, July 13, 2011

VA Senate Candidate Appears In The Undefeated

2012 Virginia senate candidate, Jamie Radke, appears in The Undefeated--the Sarah Palin documentary that releases on Friday. She wrote a fantastic blog post today that I wanted to share: 
Sarah Palin--The Undefeated Pea Destroyer  
American voters are suffering from the political equivalent of battered wives syndrome. We’ve become so accustomed to Congress and the President abusing us with their immoral spending and then telling us “we know better than you, so shut up and eat your peas,” that we have taken $14 trillion in punches.
But for millions across this country, Sarah Palin represents a new direction.  That direction is personified in her documentary, Undefeated, which premieres Friday. Governor Palin has stood up to the Washington double-talk and inspired millions of Americans to say “no” to politics as usual. To badly paraphrase Johnny Paycheck, Sarah Palin isn’t afraid to say, “You can take these peas and shove it!” Read more here...

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