Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Well, Hello Again...

Hey there, friends! I've missed you! 

Welcome to all the new followers, and if you're new to the site, please allow me to apologize for the lack of posting in recent months. 

I lost touch for awhile. A long while.

My suspicion is, you know exactly how I feel. 

After the '08 election season, with all it's excitement (and if you haven't a clue what I mean, please check out the archives. You're in for an eye full), I needed a break. I tried to write here and there, even got involved on other sites doing some writing, thought I was being pulled in another direction entirely, even got mentioned in a book. (A very excellent one, I might add. You should go check it out!) 

But, nothing satisfied. 

Every time I even listen to or read about politics (and I do, daily) it literally makes me sick to my stomach. I've had no idea where to take this blog, or even what to say. Clearly, I can comment about politics in general, even if the subject is primarily Sarah Palin. She's been incredibly busy these days, so I'd have plenty to talk about...but something has been missing. I even created another blog so that I could write devotional type posts and satisfy my need to write about those sorts of things that are most important to me. This weekend, however, something happened to me that has begun to change my thinking. 

While nearly a half million people just like many of you were attending the Restoring Honor rally on the mall just a few short blocks from where I was, I was sitting in the Verizon arena, filled with over 20,000 Women of Faith. It was amazing, and if a woman sitting in that arena wasn't moved by what she heard, she might just be immovable. I was reminded what a great God I serve, and it occurred to me that I have very much shied away from talking about my personal "religious" beliefs, and those of Sarah Palin, on this blog. I guess I've kind of bought into the whole misrepresentation of the "separation of church and state" issue we've heard from the left for years. We touched on it some during the election, in posts like this one (be sure, if you take the time to read it, that you read the comment section as well--it's really better than the post itself) and others, but for the most part haven't discussed it much. 

I'm terribly sorry for that. As I viewed the reruns of the rally on the mall here in Washington this week, and thought about the conference I attended, I realized how many people were in our nation's capitol last weekend praising God! How amazing is that?!

Just when I was thinking I needed motivation to get my rear in gear writing again on this blog, I did something I rarely do these days, and I think it just might be the motivation I've been looking for, especially coupled with my realization this weekend. I turned the channel to a network I can barely stomach. 

Two words: Chris. Matthews. 


Few words get under the skin of those of us who believe in real journalism and conservatism more than the name of the MSNBC host of Hardball. If you aren't familiar with the name, you may remember his comment after an Obama speech: "I felt this thrill going up my leg!" (after which he explained that this was an objective assessment) 

As I watched, I really was quite shocked by what I heard. Why, I don't know, because it isn't unusual. I guess I just haven't really listened in a while, and maybe that's good. When we get a daily dose of that garbage, we tend to get desensitized. They began to talk about Sarah, and the Vanity Fair hit piece that's about to hit news stands--you know she's a subject they cannot stop talking about--and not once during the conversation (that lasted probably fifteen minutes, I'm guessing) did they talk about actual policy. What they did discuss, however, was her looks and how bad she looks up against Tina Fey (seriously??)...they talked about what a liar she is, but cited not one fact...they talked about what a hack she is, from a small town like Wasilla, where no one supports her (which, I suspect, is absolutely untrue)...claimed she calls herself the next Ronald Reagan (had no source for that either, because it isn't true)...and complained about how shrill her voice is, and how they cannot believe anyone would want to listen to that nonsense. (she only draws the biggest crowds of any politician in recent history, but that's really nothing big, right?) Nothing with any substance or fact. 

Ever wonder why that is? 

You liberals who come here just to leave trashy comments, still, even when I haven't published a post in weeks--please, just settle down and think about it for a second. Have you ever stopped to think about why it is you hate Sarah Palin so much? You trash her because she was a homemaker before diving into politics, yet you then trashed her once she entered the arena because she was a working mom. You trash her because she's a Christian, yet you back the people wishing to trample the hearts of those whose loved ones were killed on 9/11 by building a mosque on their graves. You trash her for being very vocal about where she differs with Obama, yet you spent eight years squealing about George Bush, and still are. You trash her looks, and for that there is just no reason except pure jealousy. I could go on and on, and believe me, I will. For now, however, I'm going to trust that you get the point. 

Well, I'm sick of being quiet. I was ridiculed once, because I stated in an interview on CNN that one of the reasons I like Sarah Palin is because I am a Sarah Palin. That started a firestorm of hit pieces in the blogosphere and local south Florida newspapers aimed at me. The left has one tactic when they disagree--destroy. Instead of being hailed as a woman trying to generate a grassroots movement (getting"moms" to the voting booth) or being complimented as someone who was at least trying to do something, I was suddenly the fat, home schooling mom with crooked teeth, painted as a rich hick from Florida who was a "fan" of Sarah Palin. Nothing could have been farther from the truth, although the 3 minute CNN piece itself was more fair than I ever expected. (it was the CNN viewers who spewed the venom) First, I admit I have some pounds to lose, that's a given. (what woman doesn't feel that way?) It's true that I home schooled at the time, my teeth are not crooked, and having the ability to decorate well and shop for bargains certainly doesn't make us a rich family. If being from south Florida made me a hick, then I guess that one was true. What I meant by my comment was this--I'm a Christian wife and mom who, when my God, my family or my country are being attacked, is gonna come out swinging. That mama bear instinct Sarah talks about so frequently is something I can connect with. I admire that Sarah was that mama who saw a need in her little town of Wasilla, and stepped up to the plate to meet it. She had more guts than most men I know to do a thing like that, and I admire her for it. I've been accused of worshipping her, but nothing here has ever given that impression. To even be accused of that is absurd after watching the campaign of Barack Obama. I worship no person. My trust is in my almighty God, and I admire the politician with guts enough to say that out loud. Sarah Palin is that politician. As for me, I'm just a mommy blogger who decided to do something I actually had the freedom and the ability to do--share my opinion. Don't agree? I'm sorry you feel that way, but that's okay, we can't win 'em all.  

I have no idea what Sarah's political future is. I've gotten emails from readers asking me to give messages to Sarah...other than a handshake at a rally, I have never talked with Sarah Palin. My dream would be to one day sit down and do an in depth interview with Sarah, and if God allows such a thing, you'll be the first to hear about it. But know this, I'm just a mama who's passionate about what's right, and I believe Sarah is too. That's why I support her. As election season gets into full swing, I intend to stay motivated, writing about the things here that matter most to those of us who are conservatives. I get mad from time to time, and I come out swinging. I've been ridiculed for that, and as much as I'd love to say I'm sorry, it would be a lie. I'm not sorry for being passionate about my country. 

I watched (the replay) as that massive crowd said the Pledge of Allegiance on Saturday, and I began to cry. You can do that on the mall in Washington, but you can't even do it in the classrooms of our schools, I commented to my family. It breaks my heart. As my friends and I left the city on Saturday, I remarked how amazed I was that the trash was in and around the trash cans. I've been to DC for other big events, and the place was absolutely trashed. It wasn't so on Saturday. There was something different in the air, and we could feel it. I hope and pray that, as Glenn Beck said, the tide is turning. 

This mom will no longer be fearful of writing what's on her heart. I've rarely asked my readers to email me (or leave comments), but I would love to hear from you. ( What would you like to know about Sarah? What other topics would you like to see discussed? What draws you to Sarah Palin? I'd love to hear your thoughts. There was a time, early in the life of this blog, where the readers were much more involved, and I'd like it to be so again. 

Until then, be encouraged. Pray for our country, and love on those sweet families of yours. Take a stand for what you believe in, girls--if we don't, who's left that will?

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Murray said...

Good comments. The Left have a primal fear of Sarah Palin. Why? It's in the wiring. The Right want leadership, the Left want power... They see her as wanting power and thus a threat. Gaining power requires aggression instead of reasoning and bully tactics, slumming and the race card are their tools of choice since their end justifies their means...that's bad stuff. Traditionally that makes us the natural leaders and the left is wired for the loyal opposition. Sarah was born to lead and intuitively knows we don't need their approval nor should we.