Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Conservative Women Under Attack, As Usual...

If you've paid much attention lately to the mainstream media, whether it be television or print, you've probably noticed that it's, once again, open season on women in politics. Particularly, conservative women.

I'm amused by it, frankly. Conservative women don't typically play the role of victim unless there's a legitimate reason to do so. In fact, rather than throwing a temper tantrum like those we've seen from the left, we fight back. With both barrels (figuratively speaking, of course, and literally only when necessary). That's just how we do things in the real world, where real women live and breathe.

I've been ticked off about it for a long time. In fact, it's the reason this blog exists. Yesterday, however, as I listened to Rush Limbaugh (yep, that's another thing us conservative women are prone to do), I was re-energized. I don't know about you, but I have had it with the trashing of conservative women by politicians in the Democrat Party, as well as those so-called journalists who have fourteen viewers on networks like MSNBC and other such places. If they could simply focus on where they disagree with these candidates on policy, that's fair game, yet they haven't the slightest interest in doing so. 

As I began to try to do some research for this post, I was listening to Sean Hannity (don't pass out, but--for the record--this is yet another thing conservative women just might be prone to do). He was interviewing Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Republican from Minnesota, who's running for re-election this year against Tarryl Clark. It seems Bachmann is so dangerous that the Democrats have pulled out all the stops to attack her, sending not only former President Bill Clinton into the ring, but President Obama and Speaker Nancy Pelosi will be coming to the state to stump for her opponent in the coming weeks--something that, we all know, can only serve to help Michele Bachmann. Clinton, in a speech given last week in Minnesota, told Clark "your opponent is the ultimate example of putting ideology over evidence." He went on to explain what he meant, which made no more sense than the original statement, and then went on to say this "That’s how I see Representative Bachmann. She’s very attractive in saying all these things she says, but it’s pretty stupid."...really, Bill? Is she attractive? You just can't help yourself, now can you?

In the midst of writing this post, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (the gift that keeps on giving) told a group of constituents that New York's junior Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is the "hottest member in the Senate"

We've all seen the drama that has unfolded in Delaware in the last couple of weeks, as Christine O'Donnell won the Republican primary in her race against the incumbent, crybaby Congressman Mike Castle. Words can't even describe the snit-fit that ensued. If you weren't paying attention, allow me to enlighten you. 

Frankly, I paid little attention to the race in Delaware before last week. I knew it was a hotly contested race, but my focus was elsewhere, so when I woke to the news reports of the sulking Congressman blaming everyone but his sorry self, I was outraged. His campaign continued to spread lies about this woman...sound familiar? I imagine so. He took it right out of the Democrat playbook--if you can't argue the issues, attack the individual. (especially if that individual happens to be female) 

First, they said she didn't get a college diploma. Not true. It took her years to pay her school bill--something with which MANY Americans can relate (yours truly included). Some schools simply won't bestow your diploma until the bill is paid, and this was the case for Christine. She obtained a degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University. 

Next came the assertion that she wasn't even a Delaware resident because she has chosen to keep her address private. You'll remember the news reports in 2008 about a Delaware candidate's home and campaign office being vandalized? Well, that happened to be Christine O'Donnell's home and office. For her own personal safety, she has chosen this time around to keep her personal information private. 

Then came the story that she'd lost her home in a foreclosure. Total lie. Like the majority of homeowners in the last couple of years, she struggled to make some of her payments. Thankfully, she was able to sell her home and escape foreclosure. You can view the document here

This next issue she's faced is one that someone close to me is facing, so I was particularly amused to hear Karl Rove say that her counter to this accusation was simply not believable. Perhaps Mr. Rove has never encountered the IRS and the "computer errors" they are known to make. During her election against then Senator Joe Biden during 2008, Christine was audited by the IRS. After a long process, the issue was supposed to have been cleared up in early spring, however, Ms. O'Donnell instead received letter informing her of a tax lien, claiming she had not responded to their earlier requests. When confronted with this issue, the IRS admitted the letter was a mistake and chalked it up to a "computer error". You can visit this site to view the letter of release, and this site to view the transcript of the phone call Christine made to the IRS. There are other documents you can view at her site, should you wish to do so. 

In the end, crybaby Castle chose to whine about how it's everyone else's fault he lost the race, and has chosen not to endorse the winner of the primary seat in a race she won fair and square. Instead, he's mulling over the possibility of running as a write-in candidate like the sulking Lisa Murkowski in Alaska. 

Look, I'm all about debate. Part of the beauty of our system of government is the freedom to have that discussion. It's not often easy, and when the political arena is as heated as it is currently, there are going to be not only debates, but very heated debates. That's expected. What's not acceptable are the politics of personal destruction, and the blatant hypocrisy that is running rampant on the left. It's even acceptable, in my opinion, to look at a candidate's finances and other issues that lie in their past. That's fair game--but making things up, or zeroing in on the comments one candidate made (O'Donnell) in her teens and never taking a second glance at your own candidates (they could start with the President)--and going even further and trying to cover up what has been found, is just plain wrong and shouldn't be tolerated. 

I'm always telling our daughter, when someone attacks you personally, it's because they feel threatened...I think that's exactly the case with the Democrats and so called "moderate" Republicans. They go after the women in the conservative wing of the Republican party because they feel threatened. These women have the guts to say what they can't bear to utter, and they can't stand it, so they go on the attack like caged animals. That's why you have people like Harry Reid and others saying some of the ridiculous things they're saying. They just can't help themselves. 

I'm going to close this post with a link to an excellent article Ann Coulter wrote recently that speaks to much of the hypocrisy on the left. How Many Times Did Goldwater Run For President Again? The conservative ladies on the right are doing a mighty fine job of defending themselves, the Constitution, and daring to take a stand for what's right. I hope you'll join me in supporting them (and our guys) at the polls in November. 

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