Friday, March 05, 2010

An Appeal To My Readers Who Pray...

Sometimes those blows that come hit us so hard that it literally takes our breath away. This one certainly did.
Please pray for little Joshua Fleming. He's three years old, and his mommy and daddy just received the heartbreaking news that he is suffering from Leukemia. You can join many others who are praying and encouraging the Fleming family on facebook.
Although we don't understand why God permits things like this to happen, we can rest in Him, knowing His way is perfect. I just know that God is going to use little Joshua to touch many hearts.
I'm asking God today to heal his little body, and to give his parents strength as they travel this journey.

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oliverville said...

God bless the little kid and hope he gets better. Not to sound condescending I am sure Joshua's parents have medical insurance but what about other families who don't have it to them OBAMACARE is god's way of answering their prayers.