Saturday, February 27, 2010

Call To Action: Burn Up Those Phone Lines!

One of my fellow SGP members has done her research and posted the contact information for those conservative leaning Democrats who are on the fence with Obamacare.

Visit this link and get those fingers a dialin'!


William said...

Eric Weichselbaum rejects Sarah Palin’s invitation to go Moose hunting. The former Alaska governor, Sarah Palin invited Eric Weichselbaum on a moose hunting expedition in Iliamna, Alaska, but Weichselbaum, turned down the invite. "Killing animals for sport is not for me," Weichselbaum said. While he respectfully declined the invite, Weichselbaum told Palin that he'd be glad to take part in a helicopter tour of Alaska, as long as shotguns are not involved.

Tami said...

William, I'm not sure I follow....Why is this the LEAST bit important?