Friday, April 13, 2012

Ann Romney's Right to Choose...Isn't All That Important

It seems, rather than the most recent DNC talking points about Republicans waging a war on women, that instead the Obama regime has chosen to wage an all out war on mama grizzlies. And that is not cool.

Liberals, given the opportunity, tend to be the gift that keeps on giving. Hilary Rosen, an advisor to the always lovely DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, proved yesterday that she is no exception when she claimed that Ann Romney--stay at home mother of five boys and sixteen grand babies--has "never worked a day in her life". This ignited a firestorm and, as Michelle Malkin pointed out on Twitter, Rosen managed to do something the GOP couldn't do: unite the right behind Romney.

Most, on both sides of the aisle, rushed to the nearest microphone and denounced what Rosen proclaimed. However, it seems that new "tone" the President called for only really applies to...well...Republicans. The tone coming from the left on this issue? On twitter, it's repulsive. Twitchy has done an excellent job of compiling just a few of those nuggets of toned down rhetoric from the left. Check it out. (language alert)

Now, I don't know about you, but this whole controversy makes my blood boil. And, while the left is calling this outrage "trumped up" and "phony",  I can assure you with a great deal of certainty, it's not. And it's not going away.  Salon's Joan Walsh, in an interview yesterday on MSNBC, claimed that only rich women stay at home with their children. Apparently Joan doesn't get out much.

I'm a middle class mother who, until two years ago, stayed at home with our children. When they were old enough to go to school, my husband and I chose for me to go to work part time so that I could supplement our income and pay for them to attend a private school. Every penny I make goes right to the school bill. I never see a dime of it. In doing our taxes this year, we discovered that we are, in fact, spending about triple what I make on gas expenses, and in taxes, therefore making my being away from the home front so much a complete waste of time in terms of earnings. THIS I can thank the Obama administration for.

When our children were born, I worked a lucrative, full time job. The decision for me to stay home with our children wasn't a hard one, it simply meant sacrifices would be made. Did we feel others were wrong for making a different choice? No, it's a very personal choice, and frankly, it's not one every woman can handle. For us, the decision was made that I would be the one to stay home and provide care for our children rather than sending them off to daycare to spend most of the day being cared for by someone else. I've worked a lot of jobs in my lifetime, including waitressing, and janitorial work...nothing was as difficult as being a stay at home mother. The job never ends, there is never a vacation or a day off. But, it was also the most rewarding job I've ever had...because it wasn't a "job" at all. You see, I don't see caring for my family as "work", just like I didn't see having children as a burden. They are a joy, and a gift to be treasured. I count myself very blessed, having been given the great honor of spending time at home raising our babies while my husband was hard at work, providing for our family.

Mitt and Ann Romney are very blessed. They have worked hard for all of their lives to have the income that has afforded them the nicer things in life. That's the beauty of America. Not only did Romney stay at home and raise five boys, she also survived breast cancer, and suffers with MS. I'm sure it wasn't easy, and because of her limitations, she very well may have had someone to do the cleaning for her. Who cares? Just because you or I don't have the wealth that the Romney's enjoy, does that make them any less deserving? Does Mrs. Romney having someone to do the cleaning suddenly make her an unfit stay-at-home mom? I know several people with five boys, and I can assure you that every waking moment was probably spent keeping up with the boys while barely having enough time to even take a shower! I, for one, admire her for it.

Look, the thing we're arguing about here really boils down to freedom. Why is it that liberals always feel the need to criticize those who CHOOSE family over career? If the right to choose is so important, then why isn't my right to choose included? It's my body, and my life, after all. Shouldn't I get to choose life, and my version of a "career"?

It's food for thought, my friends. They're inching away at our freedoms, and doing all they can to make what used to be an honorable "profession" in America, one just for the nut cases. Ladies, it is time to awaken that sleeping giant within you and begin to fight for those babies you've worked so hard to take care of. Because one day, your freedom to stay at home and raise them yourself may be stripped away...and you may find that you, and millions more just like you, could have simply taken your babies with you to the voting booth and cast a vote that would have made a significant difference.

Think about it.

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Wingnut said...

Are you gonna start referring to Obama as Barack HUSSEIN Obama again, or did that not get work for you last time? If you're really so concerned with detail, you should call him Barack Hussein Obama II. I know that you always referred to G Dub as George Walker Bush and his father as George Herbert Walker Bush. These details are very important to you, especially when your party relies on fear mongering to maintain its base constituency. people don't care about Saddam Hussein that much anymore, so I guess you'll have to find new ways to get dumb people to hate our president. You could try the Kenyan Muslim thing again. That might work.