Thursday, November 17, 2011

Heritage Foundation & American Enterprise Institute to Sponsor CNN Republican Presidential Debate on 11/22

On Tuesday, November 22, the Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute will co-host CNN's GOP Presidential debate, to be held at Constitution Hall in Washington DC and moderated by Wolf Blitzer. The event will focus on foreign policy and national security, two topics that are near and dear to the heart of most on the Right, and include 8 of the 16 declared Republican Presidential Candidates. Please be sure to tune in to CNN at 8:00 pm ET and join me over at  Smart Girl Politics for the live debate chat.

In preparation for Tuesday's debate, Heritage has created a special website where you can find insightful discussion on the candidates and the issues, a spot to sign up for your very own complimentary debate watch party kit,  a Facebook poll asking which foreign policy issue matters most to you, and even a spot to share the event with your friends on twitter! 

I hope you'll be sure to tune in, and join us over at Smart Girl Politics for the action!

**a version of this post was crossposted at SGP Action.

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