Thursday, May 26, 2011

Will Sarah Run?

That's the big question of the week. I, for one, am very happy Sarah's held off announcing whether or not she'll make a run for the White House in 2012. What's the hurry? I mean, why not sit back and wait another couple of weeks or more, let everyone else throw their hats into the race, see what the landscape's going to look like, and then make your move. Sounds like good strategy to me, yet I'm fascinated by all the banter I've heard over the fact that she hasn't announced yet. Ridiculous. Reports indicated that citizens of South Carolina were angered recently by her absence at the May 5th GOP debate hosted by Fox News' Brett Baier in Greenville, SC. I'm from Greenville, and frankly, I find that very hard to believe. We're eighteen months from the '12 elections, and voters are already getting their dander up about someone not showing for a debate? I think the voters of South Carolina have better sense than that. My guess is that the mainstream media decided to stir the pot like they always do, and what better way than to create a controversy where this isn't one? When it comes to Sarah, that's old, tired strategy.

So, is she going to run, or isn't she? We'll see. She launches her "One Nation" bus tour this weekend in Washington, DC--a new campaign she's launching to energize Americans and share the importance of those principles on which this great nation was founded. 

Not only that, Sarah has also authorized a documentary about her career that will debut next month in...none other than....Iowa.  

A recent re-do of her website, the possible purchase of a home in the lower 48, along with the fact that she's re-hired two top aides--Jason Recher and Doug McMarlin--has fed the buzz. These guys were instrumental in helping steer her 2010 midterm efforts, during which her endorsements became a valuable commodity. 

So, we'll wait and see with the rest of America. In the meantime, our mission here at M4SP continues...conservative women, get engaged. Get involved. It's time to wake up and take back our country--my friends, we hold the key

Your thoughts?

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classic_film said...

Sarah is driving the mainstream liberal media insane, playing them like a violin. Love it! Whether or not she runs (and as of late, my gut is saying she won't, but my gut has been wrong before), it's fabulous to see her brush off the MSM and have them dutifully follow her and whine about her like mangy little dogs.

They can't live with her, can't live without her... kinda like a drug addiction. Keep it up, darlin' Sarah!