Thursday, June 10, 2010

Are You Kidding Me?

Every once in a, actually it's nearly every day now, I see something either in print or on the local or national news that just baffles me. Stupid stories that leave me wondering if the reporter really lives in the same universe that you and I do, and if he or she does, how in the world they are still employed.

I recently turned on the national news to find that they were reporting a story about a cat being rescued from a tree by firefighters. Now, that is precious and I love my cat Lucky about as much as a girl can love her kitty...but when we have a national debt that is projected to hit $19.6 trillion--yes, that's with a 't'-- by 2015, an oil catastrophe the likes of which we've never seen, and a whole host of other world news stories worthy of air time, the kitty story leaves me kinda speechless.

Well, today was one of those days. In a world where women seem to think they're never taken seriously...a complaint I find absurd (but that's another post for another day)...I find it a bit odd that reporter Lauren Beckham Falcone of the Boston Herald seriously thought Sarah's breast size was something she should take the time to write an article about. Seriously. (okay, I concede--it's women like this that men don't take seriously, for very good reason)

In her article, entitled Sarah Palin (DD-Alaska)?, Falcone makes comments about Sarah's 'perkiness', her cleavage, and goes on to accuse and trash her for getting breast implants and some lip injections. All based on this picture, in which Sarah is wearing a perfectly modest white t-shirt. (and if she had gotten implants and lip injections? So-freaking-what!! For the record, she did not.)

I find it pathetic, really. The real news today is the effect Sarah Palin had on Tuesday's primaries all over the country (if you're really looking for news about Sarah Palin), and Ms. Falcone is clearly so eaten up with jealousy and hatred over how beautiful Sarah Palin is that she cannot see clearly enough to report actual news. Yep, that has to be it. I'm a woman, take my word for it: I know jealousy when I see it, and this is a classic case of junior-high-school-boob-envy if I've ever seen one.

To be fair, as News Busters so eloquently explains, Ms. Falcone didn't come up with this story all by herself. Nope, she got it from another liberal, who apparently (unless he's a cross dresser) doesn't suffer so much from boob envy as he does from being a sexist pig. In either case, it's just another example of how the mainstream media has absolutely lost all credibility, and clearly have gone insane.


Josh said...

It is sad that this is what people resort to when they attack Sarah Palin. Sarah has my vote in 2012! I can't wait until Obama is voted out of office. We need someone in office that will bring integrity back to America!

Jeremy said...

And this lady is so much more than just gorgeous - she's really smart. Reagan and Palin - both "Idiots" both wildly successful presidents.

Here's a vid to that effect you might want to post up - feel free!

Reagan and Palin Video -