Friday, September 11, 2009

Excellent Article

Betraying Our Dead
Forgetting the vows we made
by Ralph Peters

Eight years ago today, our homeland was attacked by fanatical Muslims inspired by Saudi Arabian bigotry. Three thousand American citizens and residents died.

We resolved that we, the People, would never forget. Then we forgot.

We've learned nothing.

Instead of cracking down on Islamist extremism, we've excused it.

Instead of killing terrorists, we free them.

Instead of relentlessly hunting Islamist madmen, we seek to appease them.

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Dr. Dave said...

I put off reading this piece on the Post's site until 9/12. I went out of my way to be non-partisan on 9/11, to avoid political confrontation, ignoring invective from the Left, trying to honor the victims without sullying their memory with my bile.

Today was not yesterday.

I sent this piece to every last liberal I know. :^)