Monday, October 06, 2008

CNN Interview

First, let me say a huge thanks to the group of ladies that came today to help out with our interview, and to the CNN crew that came! We had a great time, the crew was so nice, and I think it went very well! Randi asked us many questions regarding Sarah Palin and the issues, and then she and I spoke about the blog. 

The show may air on Wednesday evening, but I will let you know for sure as soon as I know! What a great experience today....thanks to all of you who said a prayer for us!



Anonymous said...

It looks like everyone was relaxed and had a blast! It sounds as if CNN might come through on this one and objective this time. One can only hope...
Please email me and let me know when it'll be on!

Way 2 go!

Joan said...

Wow. Sounds exciting. I'll be sure to tune in. Let us know when it will be on.

Saw Sarah on TV today at a rally in Florida. She is still drawing huge crowds and seems to be hitting her stride. With 29 days to go this is getting really exciting.

Thanks for what you are doing.
Keep up the good work.
God Bless

Anonymous said...

hey!! looks like everything went well.. cant wait to see it on air. please send me an email..

Anonymous said...

You go ladies,Knoxville,Tennesse is cheering Sarah and you on. We need to encourage older people to be sure and vote.Many are saying it won't matter but, today I saw where voters from the age of 18-29 are 68% for Obama,they are blind to why our country is in the shape it is today.Please help the elders to see their votes do matter. Go Jackie Go

Anonymous said...

Im so proud of you and can't wait to see it.Im ready to see the polls move. they are saying we are not winning in Florida..I sure hope this can make some change!

Tami said...

I swear they tell us that stuff to make us stay home. DON'T listen!!!!! Get out and VOTE!

Anonymous said...

Amen, Tami!

Anonymous said...

"I swear they tell us that stuff to make us stay home."

Well even Fox News has Obama leading FL.

The backlash from Palin trying to say Obama is friends with terrorists won't help either.

Jen Crane said...

"The backlash from Palin trying to say Obama is friends with terrorists won't help either."

obama and biden's desperate attempts to squelch even the mention of Bill Ayers is PROOF that they are scared to death of the truth coming out. why would someone launch his state senate campaign in the home of a proven, unrepentant domestic terrorist if he did not share the same world views? why would he chair the board of the annenburg project if he didn't agree with ayers politically? these ARE relevant questions that DEMAND to be answered and obama's refusal to respond only magnifies his guilt.

Anonymous said...

Nice to get to see what a bunch of moron moms look like. I would sit here and sift through your comment to point out a few among the abundance of dubious flaws it is comprised of, but you know what they say: never argue with an idiot, they'll bring you down to their level and beat you with experience :)

Anonymous said...

you guys and s. palin deserve eachother. secondly you should invite her over to your house meetings and prayers for snacks, maybe she can gain an extra 50 lbs too, while you guys are figuring out how to run the world in the name of JESUS!!!! OH CHRIST!!!! by the way you guys are scary!

i think it's said i'm horrified that you're okay with having someone telling you what to do with your body. god or jesus forbid your daughter is raped by a stranger or family member, ends up pregnant, what then? you're really going to force her to keep an unwanted baby when she didn't even have a choice!!? really? force her to have a baby? wow, how evil is that.

Anonymous said...

This is the fact:
Palin has no dubbed message
Palin has only perform in front of a speech
Palin has not had a successful interview displaying her "expertise" unless she's being interviewed by a foxnews
And now the puppet show continues.

John McCain puts her up to make horrible campaigning by trying to making digusting statement. Guess who loses the most and look the worst? PALIN not McCain, he's clean in this attack.

McCain has shown that he's outright shameful, not ready to lead a decent campaign let alone decent presidency. McCain, in tuesday's debate decalres a spending freeze and a few minutes late a 300 billion dollar plan that takes taxpayer dollars to buy mortgages, lets wall street off the hooks while we go under if those mortgages/homes collapse.

Think about the Economy. McCain is not capable

Anonymous said...

You are right. She is one of you, and that's why I am voting for Obama. I have voted republican in every election since 1976, and I have never seen a more mean-spirited, archaic, and incompetent ticket as McCain Palin. Also, having left the southeast and your narrow-minded and bigoted values and now living in a western wing state where people are well balanced and tolerant, it will be a pleasure to see a president in Obama who truly wants to bring the country together rather than pander to religious bigots with no social conscience.

Unknown said...

Thank you for everyone that made this site possible. If courage is the foundation of integrity you all are well on your way to being excellent examples for our children.

To everyone who is posting counter comments I have just said a prayer for you. The outcome of this election is so important for our country. It is my prayer that in the end we will all be able to come together and make America all that it can be. Let's start by loving our neighbors and trying to understand one another.

Anonymous said...

Seriously...All of you I do mean all of you have better credentials than Gov. Palin. Four community colleges in six years? You work hard at home or out in the world to earn a living to make sure your children get a good education. Not one of you will tell me that your kids will go to a community college. Statistically speaking there won't be one of your children the will become pregnant before age 18. I have two daughters---I would love them no matter what...But I am accountable, it will not happen. I doubt your daughters or sons will have this issue in the future. Your much better role models than Gov. Palin. You have united as a will raise great refuse to allow your marriages to fail!!! Hey....Moms4Moms....keep up the fight

Anonymous said...

Wow! Your kids are getting killed every day in Iraq, the world economy is collapsing around us, and your biggest concern right now is whether or not our elected officials share your same views about abortion rights. I can only hope that your God helps you to open up your narrow minds one day VERY soon!
You all need to get out of suburbia and get a life!

Anonymous said...

It's clear to see that compassion is alive and well among conservatives. Liberals -- not so much. I'm appalled by the vile, bitter, meaningless hatred you show toward good-hearted, loving Christians. Talk about intolerance. I pray for this country -- we need God more than ever! McCain/Palin '08!

Anonymous said...

I have one question for all of you. What are your views on Invetro Fertilization? If you are ok with it then I assume you already know that they fertilize more eggs than they actually use. The unused FERTILIZED eggs are thrown out, did you hear that, thrown out. They could be used for good, such as stem cell research. This is a very sensitive subject for me because I am 31yrs old with a 7 yr old daughter and I have RA. This could help me and let my daughter have 100% of her mother. I would love to be a "soccer mom", if I could walk to the field or sit in the stands for a long period of time. Please do some research on Stem Cell research and don't just take the "what would jesus do" stance before you understand. That is not meant to sound condescending so I hope I have not hurt any feelings. I too often rely on the bible for strength and I know the God will give the ability to do such research to help people like me and my daughter. Again, I beg you to do some research then make a decision.
Thank You,
a mom from Florida

Anonymous said...

to the women who started this website, let me see if I get you like you get sarah palin.

If I asked you what your liability limits on your current insurance policy were, you would proudly declare you don't know or care.

Rather than do research on the world around you, you rather stare at a shiny object or go shopping.

having absolutely no talents or skills or desire to obtain any, you married a man and had kids and you are now a house wife. or you work as secretary for avg pay.

You'd rather read Cosmo than fortune, when I say the word black person you say, well there fine, i just don't want my children to marry one.

You like sarah palin, caz she winks and you get her, shes a straight talker, so thats much like my dog who likes shiny objects and responds to loud noise.

maybe you should actually LISTEN to what is being said, rather than what you want to hear and you wont be such a worthless person.

your life isn't over, there is time to change, learn your insurance policy coverages, you probably own a home, and if you don't carry at least 100/300, your leaving yourself open for a lawsuit, actually research questions and answers instead of saying ok when you don't know what your saying ok to, and maybe just maybe you wont be worthless.

you know your the type of idiot that would fight a war for your god,

even though you have no proof god exsists, dont worry I know you have your faith, and thats great, i like to pretend things to.

independentmom said...

Ilove this site...I'm tired of LIBERALS who want to make up our minds. Is really ovious they're scared of Palin...that's why they're trying to bring her down.
The worse ones of them are the ones who have no "guts" to put their names next to their comments.
Just remember these are the same people who believe according to "THE VIEW" if you're hensom and are related to Brad Pitt you're cualified to be president of the UA.
I saw you guys on CNN it was cool.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I asked a question seeking more information from people who suport McCain and Palin and my post is no where to be seen. That speaks VOLUMES. My question was about where Palin stood on Abortion. I clearly do not think it is away of birth control and it needs more regulations. Please reply. I have not pick how i'm going to vote but i'm gathering info. Her views on rape and pregnancies. Also sex education. Seek wisdom.

Jen Crane said...

anonymous, i literally feel your pain as i was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at age 29 after the birth of my second child. i do know that great strides have been made in stem cell research without destroying embryos - it's not that we are totally against stem cell research, much of it has shown great promise, we just don't agree with destroying human life in the process.

Anonymous said...

I just saw the CNN interview. God bless you women. I'm glad your votes will count. It's good to hear of Godly women in swing states. I live in IL and everyone I voted for in Feb lost. I didn't want to vote for John, but with Sarah on the ticket, I will! God bless you ladies and your efforts!
In Our Heavenly Father,

killercrazyeyes said...

test test

killercrazyeyes said...

You Religious fucks make sick. You think you are so fucking cool because you have god on your side. You are choosing a women who in your heart and in mind know is not qualified for this job because you are to fucking stupid to see past the front of your nose. Your'e naivety will get this place taken over if you if you don’t watch what the fuck you are doing and thinking. I can’t believe that you really think this bitch can run the country. What the fuck is wrong with you people. Will you not be happy until we are all in church praising god. I am seriously fucking scared. To imagine even 4 years with that old codger and that quacked out fucking Jesus freak lunatic is just not imaginable. Just remember that I told you this when it all just breaks down.


Happy said...

I love these comments on here from the "left" just really shows you what good people they are.

Keep up the good work ladies!